En una cita bibliográfica, Violeta Bonilla (1926-1999) expresa sobre el significado de la figura: “Quise representar un hombre sin ataduras, sus manos sueltas expresan la libertad intangible, y los cuatro picos del fondo representan otras cuatro naciones centroamericanas”

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012


De la oficina del fiscal general del estado de NY sobre las recaudaciones de fondos indebidas y otras actividades prohibidas:

§ 174.  Solicitation by unregistered charitable organizations, professional fund-raisers or commercial co-venturers a fraud upon the people of the state
1. No charitable organization shall employ any professional fund raiser or commercial co-venturer unless and until such fund raiser or commercial co-venturer is registered pursuant to this article.  Any such contract of employment shall be voidable at the option of the charitable organization.
2. No professional fund raiser or commercial co-venturer shall enter into any contract or raise any funds for any organization required to be registered pursuant to this article unless such charitable organization actually so registered.
3. No professional fund raiser required to be registered under this article shall employ any professional solicitor who is not registered in accordance with this article.
4. In addition to all other remedies provided by law the attorney general may bring an action to enjoin the violation of the provisions of this section.  The attorney general may give notice of at least fifteen days in writing by registered or certified mail to the organization, person or persons violating13 the provisions hereof, requiring that registration be accomplished or that the solicitation funds be immediately terminated. The failure to immediately discontinue solicitation or to register in accordance with the provisions of this article within fifteen days of service of such notice shall be deemed to be a continuing fraud upon the people of the state of New York.

§ 174-d.  Unauthorized use of names when soliciting or collecting contributions
1. No person shall, for the purpose of soliciting contributions from persons in this state, use the name of any other person, except that of an officer, director or trustee of the charitable organization by or for which contributions are solicited, without the written consent of such other person.
2. A person shall be deemed to have used the name of another person for the purpose of soliciting contributions if such latter person’s name is listed on any stationery, advertisement, brochure or correspondence in or by which a contribution is solicited by or on behalf of a charitable organization or his name is listed or referred to in connection with a request for a contribution as one who has contributed to, sponsored or endorsed the charitable organization or its activities.
3. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent the publication of names of contributors without their written consents, in an annual or other periodic report issued by a charitable organization for the purpose of reporting on its operations and affairs to its membership or for the purpose of reporting contributions to contributors.
4. A violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor

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